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Save up to 15% on batteries in one hassle-free transaction.

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It’s time to let you in on our secret

We’ve been distributing since 1964 and know exactly how to save money on quality batteries.

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In fact, it’s simple: all you have to do is plan in advance.

We designed the container program to allow you to do just this. Simply plan what you’ll need for the upcoming season, build your container with help from our team and place your order in one hassle-free transaction 90 days in advance.

Not only will you save up to 15% on your batteries, but you’ll also have peace of mind knowing you’ll receive them on time. Trust us, we’ve been doing this since 1964.

We’re not talking about bulk-buying here.

You can build your container by creating 12 different pallets of batteries. Each pallet can contain up to 2 battery models, meaning you can order a total of 24 different models per container.

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It’s hassle-free, It’s reliable And it’s a great way to maximize your buying power.

This means you can order exactly what you need, avoid unnecessary bulk-buying and still save big.

So, whether you want to fill your container with batteries from different groups (i.e., 27 & 34), of different types (SLI and AGM) or for different applications (automotive and marine), all this is possible with the container program.

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Is the container program a good fit for you?

The program is particularly suited to larger companies that can order and store at least one 20-ft container of around 800 batteries.

Is a full container too much for you?

Let us know and we’ll try and split your container with another customer so that you both enjoy the benefits of the container program.

Here’s how we build your container:

To build your container, you simply have to create 12 pallets of batteries.

Though many containers are 40 ft-long, our containers are only 20-ft long. This ensures that no matter what batteries you order, you’ll respect the weight requirements and avoid unwanted surprises. 

Each pallet can contain up to 2 battery models.

Each pallet has 4 layers.

Each layer must contain the same battery model.

So, for example, you can order one layer of group-24 batteries and 3 layers of group-24R batteries. Or you could order two layers of each. It’s that simple.

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Your container’s journey:

Once we’ve issued your order confirmation, you can expect to receive your products in about 90 days.* 

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We’ll let you know as soon as the container is loaded on the ship and is on its way.

When your container is delivered, simply offload your products and the delivery company will return the container to the shipping line.

Should you have any questions after your products are delivered, our team will be on hand to help. 

*Delays may be possible in exceptional circumstances that are out of our control (e.g. natural disaster).

Want to personalize our batteries with your own brand ?
We can do that too!

We offer a variety of complimentary services to ensure we meet your needs, no matter what.

Picture of the black box batteries

Black box batteries

If you have an in-house marketing team, you can order our Black Box batteries and personalize them yourself. Showcasing your brand has never been simpler.

Picture of the private-label batteries

Private-label batteries

If you prefer, we can create your battery label for you. Our marketing team will guide you throughout the process to help you showcase your brand image and adhere to best industry practices. (Additional fees may apply.)

Let TCED do the
hard work.

At TCED, we strive to go that extra mile to make life easy for our customers:

FOB shipping

We take care of everything from A to Z so you can avoid logistical challenges. We’re even listed as Importer of Record and offer our customers FOB shipping terms to ensure we bear responsibility for importing your shipment.

Customer Service

Our customer service team goes above and beyond to answer your questions and any special requests you may have. We’re proactive and will always offer advice to help you save even more when possible. 


If it’s the first time you’re purchasing with TCED and are looking for similar batteries to those you have purchased in the past, we can find equivalents using our cross-reference tool.

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