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At TCED, we often say that we're more than a distributor. Ever since our company was founded back in 1964, our objective has always been to do more than just sell products; we want to empower our customers, partners and community and help them reach their full potential.

International distributor

TCED is an international distributor of portable and renewable energy solutions. We power a wide range of industries with over 10,000 products—automotive batteries, generators, solar panels, you name it! So, whether you’re a retailer or a van life enthusiast, TCED can help.

Over 10,000 products

The no. 1 destination for off-grid alternative energy

Official distributor for the Batteries Expert franchise network

Our Story

A solid reputation built on 60 years of experience

TCED is a third-generation family company that was founded in 1964. Over the past 60 years, our company has grown significantly, but we have always stayed true to our family values.

Foundation of the company
First imports
Invention of the Booster pack
Creation of the franchise network
TCED was one of the first companies to sell solar panels in Canada.
Creation of BE Franchise inc.
New 35,000 sq. Ft. Distribution center
In full expansion, despite the pandemic

Our Commitments

Our commitment to our customers

Even since we opened our doors for the first time back in 1964, we’ve stayed true to our three corporate values: honesty, respect and innovation. These values are key to our success, guide us in our decision-making and allow us to build and maintain solid relationships with our customers.

We’re proud to go above and beyond to help our customers

Wide variety of quality products, fast delivery, excellent service and technical know-how.
TCED has been a fundamental partner in the last few years and will continue to be so for the next coming decades. We have build a strong relationship and will grow together in the future.
We own 3 Batteries Expert stores, all of which are located in different cities. We really appreciate the diversity of TCED’s products and the technical support offered to our employees. The TCED team always goes that extra mile to offer a unique, quality service.

Our commitment to our products

Over the years, we have built solid relationships with our suppliers. This stability allows us to offer world-renowned products and a quick, reliable and efficient service.

Thank you for the support, it’s a pleasure working with the TCED team. We are delighted with our partnership.
TCED is an inspiring three-generation company that Quick Cable has had the privilege of supplying for over 15 years. We look forward to our continued partnership and supplying them with quality products.

We are one of the few distributors that shows how much a battery weighs on its label.

Why do we do this? The heavier a battery is, the more material it contains that boosts its performance, lifespan and durability. 

Our commitment to the environment

Recycling initiatives

Call2Recycle named TCED Sustainability Leader 2023 for its commitment to recycling small batteries. A total of 9 268 kilograms of used small batteries were recycled to prevent them from ending up in the waste stream. We’re extremely proud of this green initiative and are actively seeking further ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

Our commitment to the community

In the words of our CEO Élise Rozon, in the corporate world, it’s important to get involved in causes we believe in. And it’s for this very reason that TCED decided to partner with two not-for-profit organizations: the Leski Foundation and the CNCB-Bolt Club.  

Social implication

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